A (temporary) change to the Rethinking Incapacity blog

The blog is temporarily changing, and I thought it was important to be clear to people that read the blog (you!) about what’s going on.

As of last month (Sep 2015), I am working part-time with the Department of Work and Pensions.  While I’m at the DWP, this means that I can’t publicly comment on issues around the WCA etc. Which will be a bit of a change! However, the blog will continue, focusing more on the latest policy-related research than on policy itself.

What this means, and what it doesn’t

There are two things that I thought were important to clarify about this.

Firstly, my silence on policy issues is purely temporary – once I’ve finished working with DWP in six months time, I’ll be back commenting on these issues exactly as before. (Indeed, my research is continuing part-time, and I’m planning to write a report and hold an event in the Spring, shortly after finishing at DWP). So watch this space.

Secondly, I know that there are some disability campaigners who have concerns about DWP policy (indeed, I blogged about reaction to the Duncan Smith’s recent speech here). However, having taken advice from various people that I trust (including some campaigners), I think that the best way for me personally to try to contribute to the independence and wellbeing of disabled people in Britain is to work with DWP.

So: for six months the blog will focus on policy-related research rather than my own views on policy itself, but after that, normal service will be resumed!